The Element Vape Vaporizer Review

The Element Vape Vaporizer Review

The Element Vape is the hottest new electronic vaporizer. This unique product has a number of features that sets it apart from other vaporizers. It’s easy to use, burns all sorts of cigarettes and produces a nice, powerful flavor in just a few momemts. The reviews on this product are really positive, but what are the differences between this product and others?

Element Vape

Let’s start with a number of the negative reviews you’ll find concerning the Element Vape. One common complaint is that it doesn’t fit many people’s hand sizes comfortably. Once you don’t get the merchandise right the first time, the result is really a somewhat unpleasant smoking experience. An improved design would allow for different sized hands. Even though you can only handle an average size hand, it’s worth setting it up adjusted correctly, as this is not at all a deal breaker.

Another common complaint is that the product lacks flavor. I can’t really explain why this happened. I use several different brands and flavors of cigarettes, including plain white, and am never in a position to get any consistency out of them. I did try different amounts of flavored juice, but this didn’t have much of an effect on the taste of the finished product. The flavor is great, though, if you’re a person who likes a strong tobacco flavor.

Also, everyone appears to be a little underwhelmed by the looks of the Vape. There isn’t much to speak of other than a standard black box with green lettering. There are no cool designs, no unique shapes, no colors, nothing. You’ll have to take it upon you to ultimately customize this one to your liking.

Most reviews have to do with how easy the Element Vape is to use. It is fairly easy to use, but if you want you can adjust the heating levels in order that it’s a little more comfortable. The controls are small, however they are labeled as well, so there must be no confusion about what you’re trying to do. The most effective things about that is that the unit will shut off when it reaches the set temperature, which means you do not have to worry about constantly heating it when you are in the middle of something.

Really the only con I can think about is the fact that you really cannot tell if the Vape is on or off by simply looking at it. It is very subtle, and you may not be able to tell that it’s on unless you are standing directly beneath it. When you are used to having a power device light up on your desk when it’s turned on, then you will certainly have a hard time getting accustomed to this. If you are going to be deploying it at night, however, it really doesn’t matter an excessive amount of.

The warranty that comes with the Element Vape is very short, which is disappointing. They give you about 2 months, that is not very much. I assume that it depends on the type of quality you are expecting. If you’re after a high quality product at an extremely low price, you will not find anything lacking from the Element Vape.

Many people seem to just like the way the Element Vape looks. I don’t really realize why. If you look at other vaporizers, they all seem to have a very important factor in common, which is an extended heating plate. The heating plate on the Element Vape appears to be much shorter. Therefore it takes a lot less time and energy to get your liquid filled and all set. You will definitely appreciate this.